Panah Releases New Album “Thou Art”: Listen

“We are the Most High’s people.” -Panah Izrio

Panah Izrio has released his new album. It’s called “Thou Art” and it’s produced by Panah Productions. Check it out below. The new album is about overcoming adversity and more. Panah references conversations he’s had with people from all walks of life.

Prior to the release of his album, he released the following statement (via Facebook).

“Thank you everyone who has been waiting patiently for my project. The road was, is, and will be hard. We have a bigger purpose and job than we think as a royal people that have been shackled mentally, physically, and spiritually for 400 years. No one can take our story. We are the Most High’s people.”


You can listen to Panah Izrio’s latest album here. Follow Panah on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube here.

Panah Izrio certainly is a rising star based out of Hartford, Connecticut.

His ‘Thou Art’ album is spinning at radio stations from coast-to-coast in Hartford, New York, and Las Vegas.

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