Oscars opens up big

Los Angeles- The Oscars opened up with an iconic performance with Queen and Adam Lambert, which a lot of fans were excited about. After their performance was up, the switch of recognizing People of Color was flipped. Iconic actress Regina King was nominated for an Oscar with her supporting role in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk and won the category.

“To be standing here, representing one of the greatest artists of our time, James Baldwin, it’s a little surreal,” she said. “James Baldwin birthed this baby, Barry you nurtured her, you surrounded her with so much love and support and so it’s appropriate for me to be standing here because I’m an example of when support and love is poured into someone.”

Hannah Beachler makes history as the first Black women to be nominated and win an Oscar for Production Design. “My thought is I have to harness this moment and turn it into more…,” she said of her nomination a week before the Oscars. “I can’t just let it slip away and become a big nothing after.”

Ruth Carter was the first Black Woman to win Costume Design for Black Panther. “Wow, wow, I got it,” Carter said after approaching the stage to collect her award. “This has been a long time coming.” She thanked Spike Lee and said, “I hope this makes you proud.”


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