Ortiz goes to the ninth, but stops McKinson

Vergil Ortiz Jr (19-0 19kos) had been out of the ring for nearly a year and his comeback fight was against the tough Michael Mckinson (22-1 2Kos). The fight was the first time Ortiz went past nine rounds, but it was mere seconds that it took. Ortiz stopped Mckinson with a sustained body attack. The first knockdown came in round eight and he just never recovered.

Early action

The fight was early what many thought. Ortiz dealt with the tricky style, but the awkward style of Mckinson led to a headbutt that cut Ortiz. Round two came with good action and Ortiz seemed to start getting some good shots to Mckinson who showed a solid beard took them and came forward. The third round was just a round that showed his dominance of Ortiz as it seemed like he figured out what to do. He went to the body and head and the shots were thudding and it seemed as if they started to affect Mckinson.

Middle rounds

Mckinson seemed content to stand in at time and exchange and though it showed a willingness to mix it up, it may have not been the best idea. Mckinson did land solid shots and was able to move around, but Ortiz went to the body and began to slow him down. The best round may have been the 7th for Mckinson as he moved well and seemed to get the round in his favor. Ortiz managed well and stayed calm which showed maturity. Ortiz showed the patience that is needed with a fighter like Mckinson which would pay off in the next round.

The ending

In round eight Ortiz was starting to affect Mckinson with every shot. Mckinson would grimace after thudding shots that he hadn’t shown before. With seconds left to go in the round, Ortiz landed a vicious uppercut to the body that caused Mckinson to move away, but he couldn’t much as right after the picture-perfect left to the body landed and Mckinson went down for the first time in his career. He got up, but the pain was evident as he moved away and showed the effects as he went to the corner. The first shot of round nine that landed from Ortiz sent Mckinson down again and even though he stood up he ran, and the corner stopped the fight. Ortiz went into the ninth for the first time but ended within a minute of the round.

What’s next

Ortiz is in position to challenge for a world title, but with the champions at 147 Errol Spence Jr and Terrence Crawford hopefully lining up for a fight what’s next for Ortiz? I’m sure there’s a list of contenders he can fight, but how many fighters would step in with him? Ortiz has options and wants to be back in the ring this year, so who could he get? If we were to guess maybe the fight with David Avanesyan will come. Avanesyan was the first choice for this fight maybe it’s revisited, and we see it this time. Regardless of if Ortiz is back quick and gets the fight in, he could be in rhythm for a fight with Crawford or Spence next year.