Opportunities in the NFL for women are increasing

Indianapolis- The NFL has increased positions that are filled with women who are passionate, ambitious, and just love the sport in the last five years. For a lengthy period of time, women were looked at funny or weird when they told people that their passion was either playing football, being a coach, or working behind the scenes branding NFL players.

Or even just mentioning the fact that they had an interest in sport would have been perceived in a different way than if men had said the same thing. If they decided to learn more about sports like lacrosse or football, it would have appeared “weird”, and as times are evolving, this is something that needs to be changed. Why? Because these sports should be inclusive to everyone.

Jen Welter and Collette Smith were the two first women who coached an NFL team, which inspired many other women to apply for different positions in the NFL.

Three years ago the NFL started the Women’s Careers in the Football Forum during Combine week and it has increased drastically since it started. This year the Forum will be bigger with more individuals who will be speaking at the panels like Colts’ General Manager Chris Ballard, Ravens’ Head coach John Harbaugh, Bills’ Head Coach Sean McDermott, Women’s Leaders in College Sports Chief Executive Officer Patti Phillips, and many others.

The two-day program includes a series of breakout sessions focused on the following topics: Player Personnel, Football Operations, Football Administration, Coaching, and Research & Strategy. Additionally, there will be panels covering NFL Player Personnel, Coaching in the NFL, and Female Leaders in football. The event started on February 26 and 27th 2019.

“The Forum will connect 40 female participants currently working in college football with leaders in professional and collegiate football. The goal of the Forum is to support the development of a talent pipeline by connecting high-potential women to career opportunities in football. Over the course of the two-day event, participants will network with hiring managers and football decision-makers and learn from experts at all levels of the game on how to further their careers in football.”

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