One Last Time in Oakland?

Nicholas Cothrel

Raiders team officials and owner Mark Davis haven’t thrown out the possibility of playing home games in Oakland next season. However, the likelihood of the Raiders staying put for one more year is extremely low, since the city of Oakland decided to sue the Raiders and the NFL for relocating to Las Vegas, come 2020.

The Raiders have since then, removed their initial $7.5 million dollar offer to play one more year at the Coliseum.

The Raiders have called the Oakland Coliseum “home” for the last 24 seasons. The Raiders provide a home field advantage when opposing teams stroll into the black hole, unlike any other.

There’s been a lot of history inside the Coliseum, from playoff games to hall of famers laying it all out on the field. Mark Davis looks to take the Raiders history with them to Las Vegas when they open the 2020 season in their new $1.8 billion dollar stadium.

It’s heart wrenching for local Oakland fans to see their local team relocate. The Raiders have been attempting to get a new stadium in Oakland but couldn’t come to an agreement with the city and get on the same page with the financial decisions.

Carr was asked some questions regarding the Coliseum, on Thursday after practice.

Although the focus is still on the game, how much conversation is there in the locker room in regards to the Coliseum?

“There’s definitely talk about that,” Carr said. “It’s not, obviously, on the forefront of our mind when we’re out at practice or running plays, but it is something like when you’re passing by in the locker room like, ‘Man, this could be the last game in the Coliseum.’ You think about all of the great games, all of the Hall of Fame players, all of the memories that I’ve accumulated for five years in that stadium. It’s a special place to me and it always will be. The fact that, that is the situation we’re in, it does come up. Usually I tell you, no that stuff doesn’t come up. This is one of those things, it really does. It’s our home, so I think that’s why it’s so real.”

The San Francisco Giants have confirmed that the Raiders have reached out to them, with interest in playing home games at AT&T Park next season.

California Berkeley /Miami, Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl at AT&T Park. (Photo: Jason de Runa)

The Giants have hosted football games at their glamorous ball park in the past. In 2011, Cal Berkeley played football games at AT&T Park while California Memorial stadium was getting renovated. The good news for Raiders fans, if AT&T Park is indeed the landing spot for home games, they just have to cross the bay bridge.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has given the Raiders until February to find a new stadium so they can figure out the schedule for next season. Depending on the potential departure to a new market, it would cause the owners to vote on the new location of the Raiders.

The Denver Broncos come into Oakland on Christmas Eve for Monday Night Football, which may end up being the last home game in Oakland.

(Photo: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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