Ogunbowale Leads Dallas Wings to Adversity Filled Win

Allen Pettigrew

The Dallas Wings have a flair for the dramatics just ask their fans. The team walked into the third quarter with a 10 point lead surely enough to comfortably to put the ball game away against most teams. Luckily, their opponent the Connecticut Sun are far from most teams.

The Wings took on a 12-2 onslaught in which there lead crept into the abyss. They’d have themselves to thank for the mess as several turnovers sparked what would be embers into full-on flames.
This late quarter meltdown isn’t new to the Wings. This has happened before for the young team. Whether it’s a tinge of overconfidence, a terrible stream of luck or the most likely option, they play the best competition in the world every night.
But Wednesday night along with their two other wins tend toward a positive direction. Each win came with adversity as the Sun, Mercury, and the Dream each made a run to snatch an upset. The Wings continue to prove their ability to solidify their stronghold in the clutch at home.
Will this trend continue on the road? I guess we’ll find out Friday as they take on the 3-7 New York Liberty.
As he Wings earned their third win, Arike Ogunbowale went for her second 20+ point game. She’s proving her worth as a top 5 and foreshadowing an explosive scoring ability that will force the league to game plan for her going forward.
What makes this big scoring game different from her last is the major boost in efficiency. The normal volume scorer needed 26 shots to reach her career high of 25 points on Saturday, on Wednesday just 17 shots. Her performance from the three-point line was night and making just one fewer shot from deep on ten fewer attempts.
Ogunbowale stayed aggressive but played a much smarter even through what seemed like two possessions of low offensive awareness. But her clutch shot making easily thwarted those moments converting much-needed buckets for her squad. She’s starting to figure the game out and as it slows down for her Dallas may have their offensive focal point for Dallas future offenses.
Coach Brian Agler showered noticed her efficiency uptake. He stated “Good players and great players don’t shoot 40% or below. They’re usually 50% or above and that’s what we’re looking for.” But it’s her defense that coach insists keeps her on the floor.