Oakland’s running back crisis

Oakland- After having a satisfying NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders are now in a nightmare that they can not fight off. On Tuesday, during a workout session, veteran running back Isaiah Crowell tore his Achilles tendon and will likely be out for the rest of the season.

Thankfully, the Raiders drafted Josh Jacobs and he will probably get more snaps his first year as a rookie in the NFL. However, with a young running back, as well as rebuilding system it will be pretty interesting to see how Jacobs will fare. Crowell was supposed to be the back that could help out with pass protection, as well as burst through the stems of defenses, but now the pressure will be on Jacobs and his productivity coming out of the backfield.

Last season the Raiders were ranked 25th in rush yards with an average of 101.8. Expectations are very high and Jacobs will have to go out there and perform like he is a veteran and not a rookie. Jacobs is a little more versatile than Crowell with his vision, patience, as well as his breakaway speed. Jacobs can run to the outside, through tackles, and he is very dangerous when he gets moving from left to right.

It is a sad week for an optimistic team, but the Raiders are moving forward and with moving forward Jacobs will be potentially the starting running back.

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