Oakland Raiders have Fired Ken Norton Jr.

Scott Winter
Oakland Raiders defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. talks to players during the team’s first day of training camp in Napa, Calif., Friday, July 31, 2015. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

Many in Raider Nation were calling for Norton Jr to be fired, and now it’s a reality.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, “Tell the Truth Tuesday” for the Oakland Raiders ended with embattled defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr being fired. Now that Norton is gone, the Raiders will turn to John Pagano for play calling duties.

While many fans have applauded this move some players, especially Linebacker Bruce Irvin, were unhappy with the decision. Bruce went to twitter with his feelings, calling the move “Bull[crap]”.

While it is never easy to replace the head of the defense mid-season, Coach Jack Del Rio needed to make an example. Accountability had to have its day, and Norton was the sacrificial lamb place on it’s altar. By doing this, Coach Del Rio, who has never fired a defensive coordinator before, is putting players and coaches a like on notice. Perform or be replaced. How much this will change before next week, is anyone’s guess, especially with the offense having consistency issues week in and week out.

New Defensive Coordinator faces Raiders Old Offensive Coordinator.

Bill Musgrave, who was let go by the Raiders this past off-season and just promoted to offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos, will face Pagano this week. This battle will be very closely monitored by fans, some of whom feel letting Musgrave go was a mistake. Should Denver’s offense go ballistic on the Raiders defense, expect certain fans to absolutely freak out. Although most of them, even if they wont admit it, were happy to see him go last season.

The Raiders 4-6 host the Denver Broncos 3-7 this Sunday in Oakland. The Raiders will be playing for their playoff lives. However it is not as bad as it could be with Kansas City losing to the New York Giants last week and losing four out of their last five.

Now we get to see the “Pagano Effect” in full force, for good or bad.