Nowitzki, Wade Say Farewell To Fans At Home

Dirk and Wade

On a night of dramatic NBA play, the retirees stole the show. With millions of NBA fans asks who’s chopping onions to cover up their emotions we wish a farewell to two of the game’s greatest. In a cruel twist of fate the powers at be scheduled the final home game of both Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade at the same time on the same day. As fans were forced to choose between the two legends they played their hearts out.

If you chose Dirk over Wade like most Midwest-based viewers were forced to, you watched Dirk score 30 points. Through teary eyes and a heavy heart number 41 showed off the entire repertoire of shots. Not only did he have a thunderous slam that got the crowd off their feet but every one of his teammates especially Luka.

To make things even sweeter the final bucket of Dirk’s career was his signature turnaround fadeaway, a move Mavericks fans have come to love.

If you chose Wade over Dirk like many east coast fans, it treated you to his last 30 point game. Somehow he was able to shrug off all the emotions he cast on fans through countless memorable videos to remind viewers he could play for a few more years if he wanted to. And like so many times before jumped on to the scorer’s table to address the American Airlines Arena but unlike any other, he’d slip on the landing showing that Father Time is never too far away for any of us.

To add to the fun Jamal Crawford another possible retiree scored 51. Crawford is the only person in history to score 50 or more points with 5 different NBA teams.

The NBA landscape continues to change with every waking moment. Now put the onions away and go watch some highlights.

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