NHL owner donates $250 million towards AAF league

Vegas-The Alliance of American Football league promoted NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes’ owner  Tom Dundon to serve as the chairman of the league after he invested $250 million dollars.

“Since the beginning, it has been crucial that the foundation of The Alliance be set with world-class partners and Tom Dundon represents just that,” said Charlie Ebersol, co-founder, and CEO, The Alliance. “Tom, Bill Polian, and I will work with our great team at the Alliance to expand our football operations and technology business. Tom is a self-made American success story who brings a wealth of knowledge in the sports, entertainment and finance worlds and proven leadership to our organization.”

Since opening play two weeks ago, there has been a big buzz about the future of the AAF. A lot of fans are happy about having the option to watch professional football during the late winter and spring months after the NFL season is over, and thus far, it seems like many have been pleased with what the AAF has brought to the table. I like how the AAF market themselves. They had former players that got together and planned this out. This league was not thrown together,” said Zach Brown.

In the first two weeks, ratings have been averaging around 3 million viewers, which exceeded expectations. With the huge investment that Dundon invested in this league, viewers could see more noticeable hosts, players, and celebrities that will contribute to the AAF.

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