NFL Wives style up the week with fashion

Atlanta-Off the Field Players Wives celebrated their 18th annual fashion show during Super Bowl 53. OTF started their nonprofit organization in 2006 and it has grown into one of the biggest events during Super Bowl week.

“We decided to come together to support each other along with different charities in the community,” said Erika Harrison, wife of retired patriot Rodney Harrison. On Friday, it was all about the wives and the fashion show. The women who were the fashion models rocked the crowd and showed off some amazing pieces. There were a lot of familiar faces that came out to support the show. Jerome Bettis was in attendance and was asked why was this non-profit was important to him.

“The impact Off the Field has in the community and their philanthropic efforts are so well-received,” said Bettis. It reminds the community that although our husbands are so well-respected, we have a presence and a purpose.” “Our wives are so important to our success, so every chance we get to honor them and shine a little light on them, that is really important to do.”
The atmosphere was very fun, energetic, and empowering. No matter what size shape, or where these women came from they all shared the spotlight with one of the biggest events down in Atlanta.

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