NFL Salary Cap Increases

Seattle, WA– The NFL is making headlines with new changes surrounding the current salary cap. The salary cap this year will increase from $177.2 million to $188.2 million. This is the sixth consecutive year that the salary cap increased around the $10 million mark and there is a lot of optimism going around the league that a new collective bargaining agreement will be settled after the 2020 season.

There has been some new information with the performance-based pay category. Veteran performance-based pay will be available to players with one or more accredited seasons. The total amount that is awarded to teams for performance-based pay is around $7.2 million. With the new rules set in play, $2.6 million of the $7.2 million will constitute the new veteran performance-based pay, which means, if the veteran outplays his contract the team he plays for will reward him.

Here is the current list of teams’ cap space

Indianapolis Colts: $106,436,235

New York Jets: $96,284,882

Houston Texans: $80,903,667

Buffalo Bills: $79,986,112

Cleveland Browns: $79,199,465

Oakland Raiders: $72,420,680

San Francisco 49ers: $67,493,622

Seattle Seahawks: $48,378,466

Cincinnati Bengals: $49,467,713

Dallas Cowboys: $47,620,275

Tennessee Titans: $43,514,313

Arizona Cardinals: $37,586,094

Denver Broncos: $34,581,784

Green Bay Packers: $34,529,260

Detroit Lions: $33,648,442

New York Giants: $26,507,535

Kansas City Chiefs: $25,155,167

Los Angeles Chargers: $22,548,868

Los Angeles Rams: $21,052,887

Atlanta Falcons: $22,458,182

New England Patriots: $19,425,720

Baltimore Ravens: $18,610,157

Carolina Panthers: $17,459,065

Washington Redskins: $16,969,921

Pittsburgh Steelers: $16,329,956

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $15,708,489

Chicago Bears: $13,666,141

New Orleans Saints: $10,799,712

Miami Dolphins: $9,616,316

Minnesota Vikings: $5,340,897

Philadelphia Eagles: $4,233,815

Jacksonville Jaguars: – $2,365,428

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