Name Change With Same Focus

Silver and Black Today new name

The Las Vegas Raiders Report is in the process of changing its name to Silver and Black Today. Although we built our presence on our former name, our new name captures all that we are without losing our Las Vegas roots and focus.

The past week has been one of significant change and growth here with our website, podcast, and our new weekly radio show on CBS Sports Radio 1140-AM. I continue to be blown away at both the reaction to our work and the incredible support we have received from Raider Nation. Oh, and we changed our name.

Silver and Black Today new name

Our new name and identity is inclusive of all Raider Nation with a callout to our Las Vegas roots.

As the media entity continues to grow, we realized some positive changes were needed. The name Las Vegas Raiders Report was selected the day the Raiders received approval by the NFL owners to officially move to Las Vegas for the 2020 season. The concept was – and still is – to cover the team on a day-to-day basis, but to also chronicle and report on the slow but steady move of the organization to Nevada. We also aimed to provide the most thorough and complete coverage of the approval, funding, and construction of the new $1.8 billion stadium in Las Vegas, too.

That mission hasn’t changed with our new name. At the same time, Raider Nation knows no borders. It truly is a fan base with international loyalty and appeal. As such, we chose to switch our name to be more inclusive with a call to timeliness. As our staff continues to grow, so to will the frequency and depth of our coverage of all that is Raider Nation.

Our logo is still almost identical. While the “Las Vegas” may be gone from the name, you can see in our brand the “LV” highlighted as a call out to our home.

Quickly after we announced the change, many of our readers assumed it was due to some legal reason as perhaps the Raiders or the NFL came calling with legal threats. Nothing could be further from the truth. In every interaction we’ve had with the Raiders organization, not once has there been an issue with the former name.

It’s time to move forward and the feedback on the new name has been overwhelmingly positive. Nothing – but the name – has changed. I want to personally thank all of our readers and listeners for your continued support. Our success is squarely due to your loyalty and the trust you put in us to cover the Raiders and their future home.

Thanks to Raider Nation worldwide for your support and feedback in our year of existence. We’ll continue to work hard and bring you content that’s informative and entertaining.

Editorial Note: As we move our servers and sections of the website over the next several days, you may still see stories on the domain. Soon, that will all be changed to Thanks for your patience.