Mike Mayock perfect fit for Raiders

Mike Dixon

The Raiders can finally exhale with news that Mike Mayock has agreed to become their new general manager.

With all due respect to the other candidates the Raiders dutifully considered, the organization needed to secure its top choice to proceed with confidence.

Replacing Reggie McKenzie with another retread GM candidate wasn’t going to give the Raiders the credibility they need to win over a skeptical fan base. Mayock also stands a better chance to make the Raiders competitive on the field.

His thirty years as an NFL scout was enough to win over the Raiders. This isn’t the first time a former TV analyst left the broadcasting booth to work for an NFL team.

Matt Millen was President and chief executive officer of the Detroit Lions from 2001 until week 4 of the 2008, when the Detroit Lions went 0-16. Is Mike Mayock the perfect candidate? No. But he is the right fit. Mayock expanded on how it all came together in this interview with the NFL Network.

Mike Mayock the Right Fit

Mayock said, “I’ve said for a lot of years that when the right opportunity came along for me personally, and from a big picture was the right fit, I was going to make the move.

I’m not going to get into the individual circumstances like I said earlier, but I never thought those two things converged. This is a situation where again, the fit, and that’s what I mean by 300 text messages and all these football guys saying, ‘What a fit!’ I felt the energy 20 years ago and I feel it even more now.

I know we are going to argue about some guys and I can’t wait because it really comes down to, ‘What do you think? You’ve watched all this tape. What do I think?’ Let’s get to the right answer for the Oakland Raiders.

It doesn’t have to be your guy or my guy, let’s get the right answer. All I can tell you is I felt the fit here more than I ever have.”

I see no real negatives for the Raiders here based on the options that were available to the team. The Raiders justified in firing Reggie McKenzie based on personnel decisions. But they needed to find someone as good or better. Mayock passes that test, but he’ll need better players to win. Holding three first-round picks overall in the 2019 draft gives Mike Mayock, Jon Gruden, and the team a head start.

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