Megan Gustafson WNBA Debut: “It’s Always Exciting”

Allen Pettigrew
Megan Gustafson

Since the return of Megan Gustafson, the Dallas Wings are 2-0. By all means, she may not be the sole reason for the changes to record column but the timing works in her favor. Since her returns there’s been new energy has filled the College Park Center. Again the coincidence of Megan’s return and debut falling on African American Heritage Night and Pride Night, respectively.

But the love Gustafson, who returned to the team on June 13th after being cut on May 22nd received was unquestionable. Dallas fans and media alike have filled every one of Gustafson’s moments with questions and cheers. And yes the Iowa faithful has been there for those moments.

I sat down with Megan post game to see how the fanfare is treating her. As you can imagine, the brief interview was filled with the excitement you get from seeing your dreams come true.

So how was it scoring your first regular season bucket for the Wings?

“Ya I mean it’s always exciting. It’s fun to be out there it’s been a long time coming, ya know. Being able to go through looking in and out and back in the game it feels good to really contribute to my team.”

Just about every time you did something on the court today (June 19), whether it was checking in or scoring points Dallas fans went crazy. How did that feel?

“It feels good,” she says as a huge smile decorates her face. Energetically rearing back in her chair she continues saying “To have that support. The Dallas Wings have been so good to me in terms of the support and cheering from the fans so it’s been really exciting. I’m really excited to keep it going.”

In between well-deserved fist bumps and high fives, Megan’s smile widens. She’s officially in the WNBA books and Iowa’s star continues to burn as bright as the gleam in her eyes when she talks about the game she loves.