Meeting the MAN behind the MAN: Larry Wade, Strength and Conditioning Coach Extraordinaire

Turkson TJ

Las Vegas, NV – The life of a professional prizefighter has often been thought to be a lonely one with a fighter plying his trade in solitude. While in the past, that was oftentimes the case, in modern times, things have changed. A number of top elite-level fighters have disproven this lately by collaborating and working with strength and conditioning coaches to help improve their overall performance. One of the best and most qualified in the field is none other than former US Olympian, and current University of Nevada, Las Vegas head track and field coach, Larry Wade.

“When you have such a strong support staff, and people who really believe in you, and put their passion behind you. Even if there are days where there is weakness; you got a whole foundation, a wall of strength that’s gonna hold you up.”  -Coach Larry Wade


Ever the modest and gracious team player, Wade was effusive in his praise for Kenny Porter, father and head trainer of WBC welterweight titlist Shawn “Showtime” Porter, going to great lengths to explain how instrumental the elder Porter -and his complete lack of ego- was in helping him get his start in terms of training fighters, while noting that even before his first foray into preparing fighters starting about six years ago, he had already “sent multiple people to the Olympics and World Championships,” in track and field, and is now in his “sixth year (in boxing) and I’ve won six world titles to this point.”

While hesitant to reveal too many gems ahead of his fighter Caleb Plant’s title defense against Mike Lee this Saturday, he gave a glimpse into his team’s winning formula in stating that “When you start to introduce the concept of science, along with the (boxing) experience, now that’s a formula for success. I think a lot of times a lot of trainers tend to push away from the scientific side of things, because they may not know it. But a lot of times when you bring in somebody like myself in, we’re able to help and enhance what they are already doing.”


Far from a one-size fits all, cookie-cutter type of coach, Wade noted that he is also not a one-trick pony, as he has worked with professional athletes in a number of different sports and disciplines over the years. During his fifteen-year -and counting- career as a strength and conditioning expert he has worked with pro athletes in football and basketball, in addition to track and boxing.

He pointed out that each athlete brings with them unique individual strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals: “I have to be able to adjust my training not only for what I see but also for what the head trainer is looking for. I understand my role and I understand my position, and that’s to make them better in any way possible.” Nobody can argue that you haven’t done that, for when you sign up to work in close conjunction with Larry Wade, the results speak for themselves.

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