Media Disconnect Surrounds Raiders Move

Scott Winter
Las Vegas Stadium

This past week, several erroneous news reports gave various reasons why the new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas will be delayed. The truth is, all the reasons given just don’t hold water, showing the media disconnect surrounding the move to Las Vegas.

For those of you living in Las Vegas, news surrounding the Oakland Raiders might seem all over the place. That is because it is, and always has been.

The Raiders organization is more secretive and has less leaks than the White House. They are extremely selective on what gets out and what doesn’t. Because of this void, there is a media disconnect, and instead of facts, the fans get a lot of speculation. Most of that is, of course, false information.

As a result there are, and will be, articles out there that claiming everything from the outlandish to the flat-out ridiculous, which of course will confuse you, the average fan. This is nothing new. As one of the select writers to whom the Raiders give out limited information to, let me try and help you on discern between fact and fiction.

There are many reasons for why this sort of disconnect is occurring.

Politics, emotions, and the need for clicks, are just a few of the many reasons misinformation surrounds Raiders news in both the Bay Area, and Sin City. It can be maddening. The bad news is this is not going to change even after the Las Vegas Stadium is open. That’s right, even then there will be grudges played out in the media. There will still be those who will say the project is not living up to expectations regardless whether it is or not. Heck just as I started writing this, one of Las Vegas’ local radio hosts said “At this rate the stadium might run out of money before it’s completed.”


Here are the facts: for six straight months of hotel tax money collection running above expectations. This is what is paying the public portion of the stadium construction. That well known radio jock has always been anti-stadium funding. Because the battle has already been lost, this host basically regurgitated his tired opinion – even though the facts are the exact opposite. Sadly, there will be people who heard his rantings and they will believe the stadium is in serious financial trouble. When in fact the opposite is true.

Las Vegas Stadium

The site of the future Raiders stadium off I-15 and Russell Rd. in Las Vegas.

“Stadium Delay” is the new clickbait in Las Vegas and Bay Area.

Clickbait is running rampant around one term concerning this project: “Stadium Delay.” It seems as if that gets put into a headline, subheadline, title or a lead in a video, readership and viewership goes up. The problem is it’s  a false narrative. The latest reasons these sources give for this phantom delay including: moving a culvert, the UNLV contract, or Clark County is short on staff. It’s the definition of fake news. I am not suggesting it’s not possible for the stadium to get delayed. That is not it at all. It’s just all the information currently suggesting that is 100% incorrect.

Right now the Las Vegas Stadium is on track to be finished by kickoff of the 2020 NFL season. Check out my article on the men and women that will build it on the Raider Ramble. When I say there are no signs of a delay i’ts because there are none. The man that runs the Laborer’s Local 872, Tommy White, told me directly that

We are going to build this stadium better, faster, and safer than any other stadium that has ever been built. – Tommy White, Laborer’s Local 872

I’m not alone in this assessment. Other mainstream outlets in Las Vegas are echoing exactly my assertion.  Adam Candee of the Las Vegas Sun, has been fantastic. Rick Velotta of the Las Vegas Review-Journal is extremely well respected, and gets some great information that pans out. He’s a pro and deals with facts and good leads – not speculation or wishful thinking.

Despite all of us having solid information, we’re not right 100% of the time. I will promise you this though. If I report something that is inaccurate I will take the loss and own it. We are all human, and many times facts are fluid and can change because of this or that. Should that happen, you have my word that I will adjust my story accordingly and continue to do my best to deliver real time accurate information.

It’s important that you read about the stadium development in Las Vegas. It is the future home of the Raiders and it’s important news for all of Raider Nation. Yet, be careful who you’re reading and beware the sour grapes agenda. It’s real and they’re not going away.