Mayer unifies, but all 3 judges blow the cards


Mikaela Mayer (16-0 5 KOs) met Maiva Hamadouche (22-1 18 KOs) in a women’s Jr lightweight unification title match. It was a match-up that when it was announced those in the know liked and once the fight took place the fans and media alike loved it.

These women put it on the line and gave us a fight of the year candidate. The judges awarded the fight to Mayer (99-91,98-92,100-90). The scorecards were a joke.

Outcome to Mayer was set from the beginning

These great women came out and started throwing bombs from the beginning. Mayer was aggressive and to the surprise of many was fighting inside. Hamadouche was going at Mayer with relentless pressure and bouncing and launching punches throughout.

Top Rank photo

The action had the fans loud and social media abuzz as the two champions exchanged vicious punches. They combined to throw 1,466 and connect a combined 472 total punches. Mayer connected just a bit more with (239-233).

The fight took a bit of a turn in the middle rounds as Mayer began to land solid shots to the body and Hamadouche would show the effects as she began to slow down, and Mayer appeared to slowly take over.

Over the last five rounds of the fight, Mayer landed more punches as you saw the effects on Hamadouche who was still lively but slowing down. The bodywork was key as Mayer out-landed Hamadouche (78-13) and that helped her get control of the fight.

The championship round even though they were won by Mayer were great. The action from both was nonstop even as they took deep breaths and moments to regroup. Mayer had her best rounds in the 8th and 9th as Hamadouche had lost some pop in her punches.

Once the fight ended many wondered if it was a close victory either way or a draw. Once the scorecards were read most couldn’t believe it. The point that Mayer won is understandable, but no way was it the way the judges had it.

At the end of the day, Mayer is now a unified champ after delivering a star-making performance and can look forward to a possible undisputed opportunity.