Mavericks Preseason Debut Insights

Allen Pettigrew
Mavericks Preseason Debut
Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

Oct. 8th was Dallas’ preseason debut against the OKC Thunder that resulted in a 15 point loss. Thankfully, the game means nothing, but it’s a good showing for new players and old players’ developments. The new looks Mavs have bright spots even with a Dirk sized hole on the court. Here’ are a few insights on what the Mavs displayed in preseason game one.

Boban’s A Big One

Officially measured at 7-4 according to Mavs officials the league is in for a rude awakening when they see Dallas’ frontline. This behemoth of a man dwarfed Steven Adams, a monster of a man in his own right. Three of his seven points came from shooting 1 for 2 from beyond the arc. This team will be big and able to space the floor no matter who’s on the court. Boban will definitely be a huge force in Dallas’ attempt to make the playoffs.

They’re Going To Be Patient With Porzingis

It’s been 610 days and counting since we’ve had a unicorn sighting. The 7’3” giant we know as Kristaps Porzingis sat out the team’s preseason opener along with reigning Rookie of the Year Luka Doncic. Doncic sitting out is one thing we know just how good he is but fans are salivating over what a post injury Porzingis will look like.

This absence may be more telling than we think. There’s a layer of trust between the team’s new star and the training staff that will allow him to return when he’s ready. Which means there will be ample rest for the big man during the season. There are conflicting reports on that sentiment with the Mavs releasing a story headlined “Bulked-Up Kristaps Porzingis Feels Great, Prepared To Play All 82 Games This Season” but a contradictory report from Rick Carlisle saying “… I don’t see him playing back-to-backs.” With another preseason game in the books for Oct. 9, we might just see a healthy Porzingis suit up for Dallas sooner than later.

Action Justin Jackson Looks Ready

Justin Jackson now in his third year in the NBA looked good in his preseason debut. Now about 15 pounds heavier, Jackson scored 14 points in just 15 minutes and he did it efficiently. His 2 for 4 shooting from deep gives Dallas a promise of better shooting from three. Last year they shot 34% from the arc, good for 27th in the league. Jackson’s size and newfound strength could lead to more opportunities for himself and the team. At 6-8 he may play the small ball 4 with more regularity.