Marc Pollick: Giving back is Something I enjoy


Atlanta (January 13, 2019)- Founder of the Giving Back Fund, Marc Pollick has given back to the community and found his purpose in life after having a career in academic Holocaust studies. “I enjoy what I was doing, but at times it felt like I had a bigger purpose in life. After I made up my mind, I decided that philanthropy was something I always wanted to do. Helping people and giving back to communities is an unexplainable feeling.”

Pollick knew at a fairly young age that his purpose was helping people. “The Giving Back Fund is a nonprofit organization that supports celebrities, athletes, high net-worth individuals, and other individuals who want to get into philanthropic. We provide philanthropic consulting, management, and administration services.”

A lot of individuals are inspired when they hear Marc speak about helping the community or taking a risk to fulfill his purpose, but Marc thanks people who admire him, but is real content on taking any praise, because it is bigger than giving, it is about doing something good and not asking for anything in return.

Every year The Giving Back Fund holds its Big Game Big Give fundraising event at a private estate during Super Bowl week. It is a big gala event where celebrities, athletes, public figures, and members of the media mingle, have fun, but importantly donates money for a great cause. This year, The Black Eyed Peas will be the artists who will be performing at this event.

“The Black Eyed Peas will be performing and I know it will be a great event. They are pretty awesome, but the bigger picture is everybody giving for a greater cause that is how we can unite as people. Helping people, as well as finding our purpose in life is the greatest joy that we can have.”