Maile Williams: Silent Assassin

Sacramento- Capital Christian High School basketball player Maile Williams is a soft-spoken person and keeps to herself off the court, but on the court, she is an assassin. She can finish with both hands, shoots the mid-range shot around 40%, and has improved shooting the long ball. She has captured the eyes of certain colleges with her skill-set.

“I have improved a lot and I take pride in it. I let my talking do the work on the court. I feel like basketball is my outlet and that is the place where I can make the biggest impact without talking too much. I know I need to be more vocal on the court and that is one of the areas I want to improve in,” said Maile

Last year Maile made history with becoming the first female athlete to win the CBS Athlete of the Month for the entire Sacramento region. She was the leading scorer of her team averaging 19.5 points per game and broke three school records in three different categories, which were the season scoring average(19.5), single-game scoring record(39), and single-game scoring record in a quarter (23). Since she has started high school, she has always been selected to All-League for the Capital Athletic League.


With all Maile has accomplished on the court, she has been impressive off the court with her academics. She is holding a 4.0 G.P.A. “Academics have always been first in our household. Before I step foot in the gym, my homework has to be done first. I find it easy to balance school and sports because I am so used to doing school work first then do whatever I want,” said Maile.

Education and sports have molded Maile into the young woman that she is today. “Education has helped me want to do something that I enjoy, as well as given me knowledge. Outside of basketball, I want to work in Sports Management. I want to work closely with the game that I love.”

Maile has inspired so many people in her community and she hopes that people look up to her not as a basketball player but as a young woman that is making education priority first before any type of sport.


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