LVL Up Expo 2019: Recap and Photo Highlights

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Las Vegas, NV – Each year, the LVL Up Expo proves to be an incredible event, consistently presenting attendees with a seriously challenging exercise; as they try to determine which of the many simultaneous activities they can actually afford to miss. Each year, the LVL Up Expo scheduling can be particularly vexing in my case since I wear multiple hats for Vegas Sports Daily. Staying on the lookout for emerging business trends frequently sends me to many of the offsite marketing “activations” (as they are known).

As a photographer and photojournalist for Vegas Sports Daily and numerous other companies, I attend many of the comic book panels and autograph signings. This in turn has got me involved in the battle of the multiverses between the two comic book giants, so much so that I’ve had to choose a favorite myself. You can click here for more information on some of the comic book universes and the comparisons as it is a really hot topic within the comic world. And, then of course there are also other things of which I’m personally a fan, which often find me covering any number of major entertainment events in Vegas.The 2019 LVL Up Expo certainly did not dissapoint this year. Check out some of the best sights from the weekend, including new offerings in anime, comics, gaming, technology and more at the Convention Center in fabulous Las Vegas.

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