Local Schools Teaming Up for Super Bowl Project to Help Children In Need


Vegas- Many local schools are on board with helping the NFL with a Super Bowl project that will help out children, as well as families in need. The program is called Super Kids-Super Sharing, which started in Atlanta, GA in 2000. This year the program will be celebrating its 20th anniversary.

“Super Kids-Super Sharing provides local students an opportunity to be involved in the Super Bowl excitement by donating items they no longer need and helping other children. The program promotes NFL PLAY 60, the league’s youth health and wellness campaign, by sharing sports equipment among children in the community.”

“On Thursday, Jan.17, 2019, a Super Kids-Super Sharing collection event will be held at Infinite Energy Center’s Forum. Coordinators and several students from each participating donor school will bring donated items to the collection event. Representatives from the Atlanta Falcons will be on hand to greet and thank students and provide play activities after donated items are sorted. Donated items will then be shared locally with registered schools and organizations that work with children in need.”

With the Super Bowl coming into town, there should be some outstanding contributions that will help those children and families in need.

 Contact Susan.Groh@NFLenvironment.com if you need any information about this project.