Las Vegas has become home to a plethora of sports teams. From professional Football to professional Futbol, Vegas has blossomed into a hub of sports that attracts athletes and fans from across the globe. A local graphic designer has grabbed the attention of Vegas sports fans (and some local teams) with his own custom jersey designs. But who exactly is behind these beautiful renditions?

(UNLV Hockey Concept Jersey)

35-year-old Justin Lomprey was born and raised in Henderson, Nevada and has recently grabbed the attention of many UNLV Hockey fans with his own rendition of UNLV’s Hockey jerseys. Lomprey has pursued art and graphic design ever since he was 15 but only recently has he started to incorporate sports into his work. Justin only went to art school for two semesters before realizing he could continue pursuing art and graphic design without a degree. So, Justin decided to teach himself the valuable skills of illustration and graphic design with online resources.

(Vegas Jesters Concept Jersey)

With those self-taught skills, Justin has gone on to make custom jersey designs that have received a lot of praise on social media. We at Vegas Sports Daily partnered up with Justin to create mashup jerseys: creating one jersey from two different Las Vegas teams. Below is a compilation of these mashup jerseys that give life to concepts only some fans can dream of.

Vegas Golden Knights X Las Vegas Wranglers Concept Jersey

Vegas Golden Knights X Las Vegas Aces Concept Jersey

Vegas Golden Knights X Las Vegas Raiders Concept Jersey

Vegas Golden Knights X Las Vegas Aviators Concept Jersey

Vegas Golden Knights X Las Vegas Lights Concept Jersey

Justin is a local guy who loves the city he’s from and the sports teams that reside here. For him, what better way to show support for a team than to create new and custom jerseys that could spark a team’s next jersey design.


(All images are not officially sanctioned or funded by any of the associated teams and are strictly conceptual)

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