Local 872 Joins Community to Keep #VegasStrong

Scott Winter
Laborer's Local 872 Las Vegas Raiders Report
Local 872 immediately opened their medical clinic to assist with blood donations.

In the midst of unimaginable tragedy, the Las Vegas community has banded together to recover from last week’s shooting. That includes community-minded groups like the Local 872, the people who will build the future Las Vegas stadium.

Monday morning, after the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history, the Las Vegas community went into action – Vegas Strong.

Tommy White Laborer's Local 872 Las Vegas Raiders Report

Tommy White, Laborer’s Local 872

I reached out to Tommy White of the Laborer’s Local 872 to give us some insight on the very quick and massive response.

Here’s what he had to say:

Tommy: I heard the whole thing go down on my scanner and immediately reached out to Commissioner Steve Sisolak to offer assistance. Commissioner Sisolak, responded saying “We need all the help we can get”. That was around 3:50 AM. So I got on the phone with Eddie Ramirez to get the Local 872 Medical Center open and prepared. We had 10 sterile rooms ready to go by 4:15AM. By 4:30 AM we had around 100 people waiting to give blood.

Scott: That is pretty amazing to get all the rolling so quickly.

Tommy: Unfortunately, we could not get a mobile blood bank to the clinic. We just had no way to draw and store the blood so we directed the volunteers and moved the operation to the Charleston location. We arrived there around 5:30 AM and began setting up tents and directing traffic. Hundreds of people from the community had already showed up.

Laborer's Local 872 Las Vegas Raiders Report

Local 872 immediately opened their medical clinic to assist with blood donations.

Amazon Prime to the rescue.

Scott: So the members were out helping direct traffic, and proving food and water?

Tommy:  They also helped unloading items being delivered by the community from Amazon Prime, and around a hundred or so members donated blood.

Scott: Amazon Prime?

Tommy: Oh yeah, they were great. People could purchase donations of water and non perishable food in bulk from Amazon Prime and have it delivered right to where we were at. Not only that but many in the community just stopped and dropped off water and food for those donating blood. I have never been more proud of Las Vegas in 30 plus years I been here. It was truly amazing to see everyone come together so strong – Vegas Strong!

Scott: It seems like this response was handled professionally by those in charge.

Tommy: That is a fact! Commissioner Sisolak and Sheriff Joe Lombardo have done a tremendous job. They have been out there all week and not just for photo ops, but really putting in the hours coordinating the response. Also I want to mention Tina Quigley, head of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC). The RTC buses quickly began picking up victims and families and shuttled them to UMC hospital very shortly after this cowardly attack. Tina and her staff saved lives! I gotta go Scott, were taking supplies to the coroner’s office as they are overwhelmed right now. But one last thing: The community has already began a memorial, make sure people know.

Keep the money coming in!

To date Laborers Local 872 members have put in 500 plus man hours. They have also combined with the Southern Nevada Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education TrustConstruction Industry and Workers Charitable Foundation, and the Nevada Construction Association, to collect donations of over $100,000 dollars to the relief fund set up by Commissioner Sisolak. That fund has almost topped $10 Million at the time of this article. But the need continues to be great and will be for sometime. Donations are still needed.

Las Vegas Raiders Report Las Vegas Shooting Vegas Strong

Las Vegas is #VegasStrong

At the end of the day, this is only one small portion of the Las Vegas community. We only focus on them because we know them personally, and this is not to take away from the thousands of heroes who have donated time, money, supplies, and blood.

It’s nice to see the men and women who will be building the stadium the Raiders will one day call home gather and unite their community.

It’s not a slogan, it’s truth: Vegas Strong.