Las Vegas Already Embracing Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders Report

For much of Raider Nation, the thought that Las Vegas will be a Raiders town may not have set in. But here in Nevada, Raiders fever is alive and well – and growing.

If the Raiders presence in the city of Las Vegas was large before the announcement the team would  move to Sin City in 2020, it’s currently growing into something Extra-Large with sights on XXXL and beyond.

A flip of a channel on the local airwaves among the vastness of the local news yields Raiders story after story – and not just during the sports segment, but many times the lead story for the entire news show. There are reports and stories about how the team is doing, stadium updates, and what the team is already doing in our community. Las Vegas sports-talk listeners can attest to the significant amount of air time devoted to Raiders football, almost to a fault, but is it really possible to spend too much time talking about them?

Las Vegas RaidersReport
Billboard near Raiders stadium site.

The impact of the Silver and Black’s impending move to Las Vegas can also be seen in more substantial ways. Property values near the site are said to be more than tripling in price. Investors from across the world are jockeying for position to build near the site and reap the benefits of being in close proximity to one of the most popular teams in all of sports.

Every sports book and sports bar in town has the Raiders as the feature game, meaning every Sunday the team will be on the biggest of the big-screens with the sound too. That’s a big deal in Las Vegas where a bar might be showing 12 games but you can only hear one audio track. Increasingly, that’s the Raiders game.

What might be the most impressive addition due to the Raiders news is in the Las Vegas community. The club is ultra-involved in local schools, with charities, and even the Raiderettes are on the scene. They are making visits to local high school football games giving out rally gear and helping the schools raise much-needed funds.

Las Vegas Raiders Report
Raising Cane’s Raiders Cup

Raider Nation loves their own, and the Nation in Las Vegas is no different. Wearing a Raiders T-shirt, or noticing another person in a  hat, you’ll get the “what’s up” head nod or smile. Raiders fans are the complete opposite of how they’re perceived by other fans and cities. Raider Nation in Las Vegas are the same – engaging people always willing to talk football. While recently frequenting the team’s new local partner, Raising Cane’s, we were all thrilled to pay the extra 50 cents for the first-ever Las Vegas Raiders memorabilia. Dubbed “The Official Cup Of Raider Nation,” you’re seeing them everywhere here in the Valley.

Any doubts on whether this community will support the team should be gone already. And it’s still three seasons before they get here. Las Vegans may be mostly transplants from other places, but they do take care of and root on their own. It might take a bit more time to build up the frenzy, but it’s already started and it’s going strong.

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