Keys to putting the Sharks back in the Tank

Sustaining the Energy 

As I dug deep into the numbers of the 5 Games in this series.  It is alarming how few 5 on 5 Goals the Golden Knights scored.  When each period begins both teams are hyped up and ready which is when the Golden Knights have really succeeded to an alarming 5 to 1 Goal Advantage (5 on 5).  Here is where the numbers become very scary for the Golden Knights.  From the 3rd Minute until the end of each period after the teams have settled in.  The Sharks have scored 11 Goals and the Golden Knights only 5.

Hits, Hits and More Hits

In Games 1,2 and 5 the Golden Knights averaged 31.3 Hits per game.  In Games 3 and 4 the Golden Knights averaged 55 Hits.  While the Golden Knights Won Game 2, it was partly due to the Special Teams (1 Power Play Goal and 2 Shorthanded Goals).  When the Golden Knights Hit the Sharks in their mouth it really brings up the intensity and also seems to get into the Sharks head.  Golden Knights had (15) Power Plays during the (2) Games in Vegas and only (9) during the (3) in San Jose.

Protecting the Puck

In San Jose the Golden Knights averaged (7.6) Takeaways and (8.6) Giveaways.  In Vegas the Golden Knights averaged (16.5) Takeaways and only (4.5) Giveaways.  This to me could be the difference in a Win or a Loss.  It could lead to an Odd Man Rush and a High Danger Scoring Opportunity.

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