Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Anderson Silva, It’s Real

photo via Toscano Promotions

photo via Toscano Promotions


On June 19th from Guadalajara, Mexico the Son of all time Mexican Boxing Legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will take on one of the Legends of MMA in Anderson Silva. It will bet yet again a Boxing vs MMA crossover. The difference with fight being that Anderson Silva has been in the Boxing ring professionally two times with a record of 1-1. This fight has received its share of critiques, but here it can maybe be a little left off as it ultimately part of a tribute to Hector “Macho” Camacho and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Chavez Sr and Hector Camacho Jr. will take part in an exhibition match to honor the late Camacho Sr.


I was able to speak quickly with both Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Anderson Silva during a zoom press conference as both gave their thoughts on the fight and the event.


I asked Chavez Jr about the critics of this fight to which he replied, “People will always criticize the good things, it’s going to be a spectacle.” Chavez Jr understands the critics, but also says it’s part of a good event and he’s given the proper respect to the MMA legend in Anderson Silva.


I asked Silva if he is to win or give a good account of himself would he continue Boxing or return to MMA. He said, “Everything is possible, but right now I’m just focused on this fight.” Anderson Silva had long been rumored to possibly meet Roy Jones Jr in a Boxing match and that never came to fruition, but he will receive his opportunity with Chavez Jr. Chavez Jr was a former WBC Middleweight Champion the weight limit there is 160 lbs. and this fight will be fought at a catch weight over 170 as Anderson Silva fought in the UFC’s Middleweight division which is 185 Lbs. The catchweight makes sense so neither fighter may be drained or anything close to it.


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr goes into this fight with a record of (52-5-1 34Kos) and Anderson Silva in MMA was (34-11) and again in boxing is (1-1). Yes, I understand the criticism, but here it will be as Chavez Jr said part of a spectacle, so take it with a grain of salt. The biggest thing is to hope both men come out ok and no injuries.

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