Jose Ramirez vs. Josh Taylor Shaping Up to be Epic Battle

Jose Ramirez josh Taylor top rank boxing

Saturday’s battle between two of the best – if not the best – fighters at the 140-pound division is shaping up to be everything boxing fans could ever want.

So often boxing fans are given the short-end of the stick when it comes to key matchups. That’s the opposite when Jose Ramirez battles Josh Taylor this Saturday night at the Virgin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Jose Ramirez Josh Taylor Top Rank boxing
Photo: Queensberry Promotions

In fact, in so many ways, this is a boxing fan’s dream fight.

It showcases two young fighters in their prime ready to duke it out to determine who is the best in the 140 division. It’s been all business for these two – no social media trash talking, no prefight theatrics. Just two fighters focused on the task at hand. Both fighters focused on proving to the world – and each other – they’re the best.

Will The Winner Be The Best?

Many talented and accomplished fighters compete at the 140 division, but Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor stand out, and not only because of their undefeated records. Jose Ramirez (26-0 17Kos) and Josh Taylor (17-0 13kos) hold meaningful titles and have gotten there by fighting the best in their division. They have fought and beat undefeated fighters and highly rated contenders. For Taylor, this is his fifth-straight undefeated opponent, and for Jose Ramirez, it’s his fourth in his last six fights. They have extensive amateur careers and have sold out arenas easily and do not back down, which brings so much to love about this fight.

How They Got Here

Josh Taylor was thought to be the next big thing possibly after turning pro. He fought many early tough tests and a rivalry match before entering the World Boxing Super Series. He was considered an early favorite and following his victory of the tournament all eyes came to Jose Ramirez. Who was brought along a little different? After turning pro following the 2012 Olympics many believed he could have a nice pro career and possibly fight for a belt one day. There were also those who believed he would be a local attraction possibly a little higher, but nothing more. That thought quickly went away as his competition went up and so did his performances. In each of their biggest fights, both gave the fans not only a great show but also elevated their game in that fight. 

Positives and Negatives

Josh Taylor is looked at as the more technical fighter. He loves to be precise and put forward a good show. He loves to fight on the inside and has great bodywork. His best skill may be his Boxing ability and ring IQ. The inside game of his is impressive, but it could also lead directly to Jose’s strengths as he also loves to fight inside. The best ability of Jose Ramirez is his pressure as he doesn’t stop coming forward and constantly puts work forward. He elevates his game to his opponent and also does tremendous bodywork. The fights are really tough to decide, and both have shown the ability to dig deep when needed and give it their all. It’s truly as close to a 50/50 fight as there could be. 


Trying to peg a winner in this fight is tough. Taylor looks to have a little more to his game, but Ramirez has the nonstop gas tank and constant pressure that’s worked so well for him to this point. They both have done everything they can to get to this place, and neither can imagine losing the fight. My gut tells me Ramirez will pull it out by 11th round stoppage, as his pressure becomes too much and breaks Taylor down. Despite that feeling, I wouldn’t be surprised by any outcome. It’s going to be epic and could go either way depending on who wants it more.

Boxing Fans Win

You as a fan will love this fight. Those casual fans, or even those just looking for something to watch, will love this figh as it will be the best against the best. The fight will be broadcast in the U.S. at 5 PM PDT/8 PM EDT on ESPN and ESPN Plus with the undercard beginning at 1:45 PDT on ESPN plus.