Jon Potkalitsky: Starting an agency is taking the Leap of Faith

Seattle- Jon Potkalitsky is the CEO of The Nxt Lvl Athlete and his agency has grown over a short period of time because he and his team decided to take a “leap of faith” and just went for it.

“The hardest part with starting anything whether it is an agency or accomplish a task or goal it is just doing it. People who are successful took the bumps and the bruises of the risks but kept going. Just because something did not work the first time does not mean stop trying. You figure out the problem and find a better solution with achieving the possible.”

The Nxt Lvl Athlete agency was started after Potkalitsky started wondering where athletes go after they have retired from their careers. He was intrigued about the next step whether the athlete would be able to get the right support that they needed to excel towards their next process in life and how it will shape up that individual making a graceful transition from player to another occupation.

“You see it all the time. When a player decides to retire, we do not really hear much from them after they retire. My agency was started with helping those guys find life outside of their professions. I mean, who takes cares of these guys after they have finished their careers professionally. I am big with helping people out with a great support system and giving these individuals the best possibility of making the transition easier.”

Nxt Lvl Athlete agency was molded from family values and that is what Potkalitsky and his team base how they treat their clients, as well as others. “I am a person of faith and I believe my purpose is to help people. I have been through a lot in my life and my family, as well as my faith,  has helped me overcome, as well as understand that family is everything. When we take care of our clients, it is based on family morals. I do not see player or client, but more of a bond that is knitted together.”

Potkalitsky believes that anything can be possible when you put your mind to it, effort, and the will to overcome adversity. “What separates a good agency is how they overcome the madness of obstacles and how they continue to put their clients first. Everything is built on a strategic matter that will help market that individual the best way and that is one of the reasons why we have been successful in a short period of time.”


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