Jim Zorn named head coach for Seattle’s XFL team

Seattle, WA- Seattle’s XFL team named Jim Zorn as their head coach and general manager for the 2020 debut of the renewed XFL. Zorn talked with media during a press conference on Monday about coaching again.

“It’s very cool because there is no tradition yet, there are no parameters — we are trying to develop a way to do it, and I think that is even going to be adjusted as we go along,” Zorn said. “Just like we did when I played. We had to adjust based on the players we had and the type of offense we had.”

XFL commissioner Oliver Luck said the first call he made when looking for a coach for the Seattle franchise was to call Zorn.“I’ve known Jim since we played against each other when I was with the (Houston) Oilers and he was with the Seahawks,” Luck said. “That goes back to the early ’80s and he has a stellar reputation, is a quality guy and a man of substance. He’s a very good coach and he’s had success. When I was talking with Matt Hasselbeck, he said, ‘Of all the quarterback coaches I’ve ever played for, Jim Zorn was by far the best.”

It will be really interesting to see what type of buzz that the XFL will make in Seattle, along with their new NHL team in the next year or so.


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