Jason Witten is happy to be back playing football

Dallas- Jason Witten is very optimistic about the Dallas Cowboys’ future and has decided to come out of retirement to help out his former team. The Cowboys made a lot of people turn their heads in the playoff because their defense was stopping teams from scoring and they made it to the divisional round of the playoffs, which has not happened since the ’90s. Even though they were not victorious in a 30-22 defeat against the Los Angeles Rams, the organization itself feels like it has the right pieces around them to be contenders for a Super Bowl run.

Witten felt like this was a good time to see if he could still help out his team and he is pretty excited about rejoining the team. I’m loving it,” Witten said. “I’m invigorated by the process of going back in there. I really feel like obviously, I’ve got a lot of energy coming back in there. I’m excited, and I think you just get back in there. That’s what I’ve enjoyed the most, getting with the guys, start looking at some tape and working out with coach Mike Woicik and the strength staff some.”

Before Witten retired he had 1,152 receptions for 12,448 yards and 68 touchdowns. With Cole Beasley getting traded, Witten may have more opportunities to showcase that he still has it. However Witten has to get back into football shape, as well as take a few football hits to see if his body can endure that type of pain, but it will be very interesting to see what he does in training camp.


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