Jason Garrett may become longest tenured coach with the Cowboys

Dallas– Head coach Jason Garrett is looking for a contract extension after the 2019 season and Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones seemed to indicate that he can potentially envision a scenario where Garrett could eventually become the longest tenured head coach in Dallas. While any fan knows that Garrett would have a long way to go to do so of course considering the fact that legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry and his trademark fedora stalked the sidelines as the man in charge for the franchise’s first 29 years as the man in charge, but Jones still seemed to want to convince football fans in Texas that Garrett has no reason for concerns regarding his job security.

“He (Garrett) is not in danger of having any issue with his credibility with his players or anybody else,” Jones said. “It’s well known, the support I have for him. No one breathing wants him to win and win big more than I do, and we haven’t done anything here with what we have done or haven’t done relative to contract. We haven’t done anything to forego having a long relationship. We haven’t done one thing, by taking our position that we have right now, in my mind and we’ve got the kind of situation that I think our fans want.”

Garrett and Jones have talked about the contract situation and Garrett stated that both parties were on the same page and felt like the team was moving in the right direction. A career backup quarterback during his playing days, Garrett has been the head coach for eight years and has a postseason record of 2-3. Last year the Cowboys shocked the league during the second half of the season and shut down some high powered offences with a top ten defense.

With a division title and winning a first-round playoff game, the Cowboys look like they are heading into the right direction. The Cowboys are taking a huge risk by bringing back tight end Jason Witten, and speculation has sparkedĀ  that Cole Beasley will hit the free agency market, because the Cowboys do not have the money to keep him.

It will be interesting to see what moves the Cowboys will come up with to free up some cap space.

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