Jarrell “Big Baby Miller”: A force to be reckoned with


New York (November 27, 2018)-Heavyweight boxer Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller is turning some heads in the boxing world as he continues his impressive undefeated resume with 23 wins and 1 draw.

Coming off his last victory against Bojdan Dinu, Miller showed off his hitting ability with jabs, hooks, and a devasting body shot that dropped Dinu. There were many celebrities, as well as boxers that were in attendance that were impressed by the accuracy in which Miller was landing his shots. Sugar Ray Leonard was very impressed with how well Miller contained himself when Dinu throw a couple of big right hands and it looked like those punches were wearing Miller down, but he bounced right back.

After the fight was over, Miller said: “who’s next.” With an undefeated record, you would think that he would get a shot to fight Deontay Wilder, but only time will tell if that could happen.

Miller is ranked in the top 10 of heavyweight fighters right now, but he feels like certain individuals do not give him the props that he deserves. “Because I’m a scary dude. “You got to understand, a heavyweight that’s 300-plus pounds comes forward, has never been hurt in a fight, throwing 70-80 punches a round. It’s scary … That’s all I can say. I got to keep pushing, keep working and it’s eventually going to come.”

Other than having a belt, I’m the best in the world,” Miller said. “These guys have belts. When you hear about interim titleholders, my game plan is to get there and just blast them out. They don’t want to give your name too much light because eventually the more you talk the fans are going call for it and the media is going to call for it.”

At 30 years old, Miller is proving a lot of people wrong by working hard and doing the things that are necessary in order to be successful in this sport. When he is not in the gym, he is giving back to his community.

Determination and a hungry mindset is why Miller is getting buzz about being in the conversation of best heavyweight fighter right now.

You can follow Miller on Instagram @bigbabymiller