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Tom Brady just won his seventh Superbowl Championship, which is more than any other FRANCHISE in NFL history, and this marked his tenth appearance in the big game.

There is no doubt that he is the greatest quarterback of all time, as well as the greatest NFL player of all time. While there may have been more skilled players, he is the most successful, and has earned his GOAT status.

Has he gotten “lucky” on some of his Superbowl wins? Sure. The Atlanta Falcons blew a 25 point lead; Pete Carroll decided to pass on the one yard line; and he’s had a pretty damn good kicker, but you can’t deny the greatness. He has the stats to back it up. Currently second all time in passing yards (which he should pass next year should Drew Brees retire), is first in career touchdown passes, has the seventh best passer rating of all time, and, the most impressive of all, he is still playing at a high level at 43 years old.

In officially cementing himself as the greatest NFL player of all time; the question now arises….. Is he the GOAT of all GOATs?

For the first comparison, let’s see how Brady stacks up against the GOATs of the rest of the four major American sports…

NBA: Michael Jordan
NHL: Wayne Gretzky
MLB: Willie Mays

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Yes, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Spare me the Lebron talk…. and let’s just move on with the comparison.

Michael Jordan

Tom Brady
Seasons Played 15 21
Seasons in Playoffs 13 18
Championship Appearances 6 10
Titles 6


The biggest achievement for Jordan is his impeccable finals record; never losing in a championship appearance. Jordan was a part of a dominant Bulls dynasty, similar to Brady being a part of the dominant Patriots dynasty. Jordan’s biggest downfall in the argument is his two retirements, and in his second and final return, the overall team success in his final two years in the NBA as part of the Washington Wizards. Had Jordan stayed put, and not ventured into trying baseball for a year, he could have been a lot more successful. Brady will retire with nearly every passing record, many that he already owns; whereas Jordan has been surpassed in many of the statistical categories.

Given the information, I am giving Brady the edge.

Now… How does Brady stack up against The Great One?

Certainly, having a nickname of that caliber must mean you’re pretty damn good, right? Gretzky dominated the National Hockey League, so much in fact, that if Gretzky didn’t score a single goal in his career, he would still have the most points scored in NHL history.

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Wayne Gretzky Tom Brady
Seasons Played 20 21
Seasons in Playoffs 16 18
Championship Appearances 6 10
Titles 4 7

Brady holds the advantage on his playoff success, as the seven victories with only three losses are certainly more impressive than a four for six. While both are impressive, Brady’s dominance in the post-season may never be seen again.

However, in the statistical category alone, Gretzky does hold the advantage. The aforementioned stat of his career points may never be eclipsed, and Gretzky was dominant in all aspects of gameplay; skating, scoring, defense, shot IQ, etc. This debate is settled on what you think is more valuable… Dominance in winning championships? Or pure dominance in stats alone?

If the latter was the most important, we would be talking about Peyton Manning being the GOAT, not Brady. While Tom wasn’t as dominant as Gretzky, his success alone trumps what Gretzky has done. Both fantastic players,… but the edge once again falls to Tom.

Which now brings Major League Baseball, and let me just be clear, there is not a clear-cut GOAT…

Willie Mays is a name most throw around, but Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, and even Babe Ruth are thrown around.

That said, this needs no comparison. Tom is significantly better than any baseball player. The Yankees success in their dynasty was strictly made as a team; not one single player being spot-on every night.


So. There we have it. Tom Brady is the GOAT of all GOATS……

Or is he?

We have just compared between the four major sports?

There are so many more….

Tennis, Golf, Soccer, NASCAR, Swimming, etc.

There are so many more… so stay tuned for part two, as we delved into another article pitting Brady against even more of the greatest athletes to ever exist….

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