International Women’s Day spotlight: Vegas boxing phenom Czarina McCoy

Las Vegas – Vegas Sports Daily continues to illuminate the many inspiring stories of phenomenal women across the world. In honor of International Women’s Day today, we shine the spotlight on fast rising amateur boxing phenom and a stalwart on the local Las Vegas boxing scene, the aptly named Czarina McCoy. 

The well-spoken and composed 18 year-old who has very realistic aspirations aimed at competing for a gold medal at the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan actually took up boxing by chance as a youngster, when her father accidentally stumbled upon a boxing gym while trying to find a gymnastics facility. She says since first encouraged to give the sport a try by world renowned referee and International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Richard Steele. When asked to reflect back on that first day in the gym she fondly recalls how “it was the hardest day of my entire life, but I loved it, and I’ve been boxing ever since.”

Since that faithful first day boxing about seven years ago, the young lady both affectionately and aptly dubbed “Empress Czarina” (the word “Czar” refers to a leader of Royal lineage, while “Czarina” is the female version of the term in Russian)  has earned an amazing amount of accolades, including being chosen to train at the USA Boxing National Training Center on multiple occasions, and competing in international competitions abroad, as well as being a four-time Beautiful Brawlers champion, and five-time National Champion in her weight class. As would be expected for someone who has demonstrated such incredible aptitude in the sport, and displayed a jaw-dropping amount of ability to think on her feet and adjust her plan of attack based on what the opposition is showing her, she has captured the attention of a veritable “who’s who” of notable names in the Fight Capital of the World. Since beginning her career as a boxer, Czarina has had the opportunity to work with both Jeff and Floyd Mayweather Sr. as well as the great Merqui Sosa, all of whom have had high praise for the passionate yet lethal young lefty.

The soft-spoken and sharp young southpaw is also somewhat of a quadruple threat, as in addition to her prowess as a  supremely talented pugilist, she also is furthering a burgeoning career in entertainment, as she is a gifted vocalist, songwriter, actress and poet. In addition to that, she has already shown herself to be incredibly media savvy, and has even begun to assume some radio and online/TV hosting gigs. As if that was not enough, she has also already completed her high school diploma (nearly 9 months earlier than the majority of her peers), and has already enrolled and begun classes working towards earning her Bachelor’s Degree at UNLV in her adopted hometown of Las Vegas.

Follow this fascinating female as Czarina McCoy continues her journey towards Tokyo and superstardom here and right here.

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