“I would love to fight Tyson again or Wilder, I belong here.”


Saturday night Tyson Fury won by unanimous decision. But there is a new top heavy weight in the division Otto Wallin. The unknown heavyweight gave the unbeaten lineal champion a tough bloody 12 round fight. During  the 3rd Wallin’s punch split open a deep cut above Tyson’s right eye. The cut was so deep it was reported that it needed 47 stitches.  Fury was allowed to continue the fight though he was bleeding profusely.  The following day we caught up with Otto.


Jenny Sushe: “A lot of people were wondering who is Otto Wallin.  Some were also questioning the fight.  But now  you have established yourself  as one of the Top Heavy Weights in the division.  Overnight everyone knows who you are.    How does that make you feel?  What’s going through your head?”

Otto Wallin: “Feels good to get the recognition.  I’ve been training a long time finally got a chance to show a good fight.”

JS: “You and Tyson were on an interview and he predicted a knock-out victory. Tyson won but how good does that feel to give him such a hard time in the ring and to prove yourself?”

Otto Wallin: “Tyson is not known as a puncher I didn’t feel like he was going to knock me out.  Feels good, I wanted a victory. We worked for a victory, but I’ll come back stronger”


JS: “Have you called anyone back home in SundsVall?” 

Otto Wallin: “I didn’t call anyone because my family is here with me in Vegas. I’m not looking at my phone.”


JS: “How do you get over a loss especially this being your 1st loss. But you gave Tyson a tough time, It was a great fight absolutely something to be proud of.   Now on Your Instagram posts, you were at the MGM pool yesterday. Is this your first time in Vegas?  And was this a bit of a celebration of all your hard work? ”

Otto Wallin: “It is my 1st time in Vegas, I’ve been dreaming to come here.  People are stopping me on the street. Fans are very supportive, very positive. English fans are also being supportive saying they will come out to my fights”

JS: “You are going back to Sweden.  What’s next for you?  Who do you want?”

Otto Wallin: “I’ll  be honest. Focus on this fight, keep my head in boxing.  I’m ready to go home and train.  I would just love to fight Tyson again or Wilder.  I want to show I belong here.”


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