How The Aces Must Improve Next Season

Allen Pettigrew

Every team has one thought on their mind after the season ends: improvement. That’s exactly what the Aces did last year raising the win total from 8 to 14. Las Vegas was one win away from a playoff berth. Yet, there are obvious things they can do to improve. Let’s look at what Las Vegas needs to do to recover from their 4-year postseason drought.

For the Aces to become an elite team they must tighten a few loose ends. Improving their defensive struggles from last season must be a top priority. The team operated as a bottom third offense and defense. They finished 8 of 12 in offensive and defensive rating at 104.1 and 107.3, respectively.

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The difference between the Aces average score and their opponents were just 2.6 points. For a team that gave up the second most three-point attempts, 744, that should give insight on their struggles. When you give teams that volume they’re bound to connect on a few. Teams connected on a few too many to complete a winning effort.

Opponents shot .356 on the 21.8 three points they took per game. If the Aces can close out to shooters and control the perimeter this will be a much different conversation next season. Especially if they can avoid allowing a league-high 244 made threes.

The Aces guards and wings will need to be more aggressive this upcoming season. They must sell out to stop the three. This will put more pressure on the bigs to protect the paint which could be a future cause for concern.

Even if Las Vegas doesn’t improve offensively, they’ll still have the potential to go blow for blow with any team. When the team learns to conquer their defensive struggles, they’ll have all the tools to put the western conference on notice.


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