Golden Soiree Super Bowl Event


Atlanta — On Thursday, January 31, 2019, The  Golden Soiree and the Big Brothers and Big Sisters’ organization is having an event called The Big Game Kickoff Celebration. The event will feature a lot of football players, celebrities, media, and different social media influencers.


“The Big Kickoff Celebration will be a great event. The Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization will partner up with the Golden Soiree to give back to the community. Both of these organizations are very dear to the Golden Soiree, because of the things that they have done. They have given hope to children that needed it, they encourage and inspire others to help out, and they have contributed to the community. I think this event will showcase what the Golden Soiree is about. We are about staying in the Philanthropy lane and helping out the community any way that we can”, said a Golden Soiree representative.

After the event concludes, VIP guests will be swept away to the Culinary Kickoff After-party. The party will include an intimate performance at a private venue with Grammy-award winner and Super Bowl halftime performer, Big Boi of the group Outcast.

The event starts from  7 pm-10 pm. The link to the website is