Getting to know LV Lights signee Miguel Palafox

Getting to Know Las Vegas Lights’ defender Miguel Palafox

Las Vegas, NV- Recently signed former Taft high standout Miguel Palafox spoke on his recent signing with the team and what he brings to the table, as a young player hungry to make his mark.

On being the lone player signed out of 400+ hopefuls that showed up during recent OPEN tryouts:

“I am very excited. It (being offered a professional contract with the Lights FC) was crazy, because I didn’t have an agent at the time. But my boys were just like ‘the Las Vegas Lights are having open tryouts.’ So me and my boy came out, we got here at like 6:00 am, and the tryouts didn’t end until 8:00 pm, and little by little everyone was just getting cut every hour, every half hour.. but then at the end, they just said they wanted to offer me a contract.”

On his journey thus far and overcoming adversity

“Honesty I was gonna quit (soccer) and then, coach gave me another opportunity, out of nowhere. But I am very grateful.”

On what he brings to the field

“I feel as a defender, I feel that I am hard-nosed, but I am very skillful with the ball. I like to make some nice overlapping runs, and I am a very aggressive defender, very hard to get past. I always tell my Mom, if my Mom’s on that field, I’m even cracking my Mom. So, that’s what I bring.”

On what style the team will be with Manager Eric Wynalda in charge.

“Right now what I notice about Coach, he doesn’t want to win by just one goal, he wants to kill the other team, in every game.”

On his mentality as a defender:

“As a defender, I want all my teammates to score all the goals they can, and I (can) just do my job, which is not let any goals go in, and just defend, defend, defend. And he (Coach Wynalda) has been telling us if we can attack (for example) as a winger, he just tells us go up, but just -you gotta know when- to go up, you can’t go up every game. So you just gotta control, and read the game.”

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