Franco-Moloney 3: Repeat, Revenge or Repeat?

Michael Rueda
franco-moloney 3

Franco-Moloney 3 should be every bit as entertaining and controversial as the previous two fights.

The day was June 23, 2020, and Andrew Moloney (21-1 14 KOs) was being showcased and hyped from Australia. Moloney was an undefeated possible star and headlining one of the pandemics shows from the Top Rank bubble.

His opponent Josh Franco (17-1-2 8 KOs) was known to be a hardcore tough young, rugged fighter. If you look at him you don’t think yeah, he’s a fighter, but he was always in what seemed to be an exciting bout. The odds were heavily in favor of Moloney, and it seemed this is where he would arrive. Franco had other plans. Franco beat Moloney clearly over the 12 rounds and walked away with the upset winner. Moloney was hurt, his people were shocked and Franco was riding a wave. 

Five months later, the rematch was scheduled for Nov. 11, 2020 The fight began similarly with Moloney coming out quick, but then Franco suffered an eye injury in the second round that stopped any hope of a great fight. Franco’s eye swelled completely shut and the fight was stopped.

Moloney jumped up thinking he had won, and Franco told the referee it was a head butt. After a couple minutes the call said no contest due to head butt, Moloney quickly protested along with his promoter. The commission and referee went and looked at a monitor where they looked for 30 minutes and came to the head butt conclusion. Watching the fight, you can see a head butt and a punch, but we just don’t know what it was. The majority believe it was a blown call and that it was a head butt, regardless here we are for fight three.

We look at both fighters again in their third scheduled battle on Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Moloney was the one with hyper and being talked up as a possible star of the lower weight classes. Franco was discussed as the tough rugged fighter, but nothing special.

When the first fight ended the opinions were slightly different. Franco had been through a trilogy in his career and had to push through tough moments. Moloney had not yet faced adversity like he did in fight one and didn’t react well to it. In the second fight Moloney looked prepared and ready to put up a better performance and whether head butt or not the opportunity was taken away. Franco following the talk of quitting from some wants to respond and react with his best performance now.

Keys to Franco-Moloney 3

Moloney: Use the jab and Box. In the second fight, Moloney showed the jab and was landing well early on. Moloney should stick with that in this third fight. Stick the jab out, use movement and avoid exchanges. In the first fight with Franco any time he stood and exchanged it didn’t work in his favor. The second fight he did well with the jab and early in fight one he was doing the same.

Franco: Apply pressure and go to the body. In the first fight, Moloney early on was moving a bit, but Franco was applying pressure and attacking the body. The body work eventually broke down Moloney and eventually led to a knockdown. Franco can push through rough times in the ring and shows he can apply the pressure that is needed, and he also has faced a trilogy once, so he has the experience in that sense. If Franco can go back to the body work and pressure, he may overwhelm Moloney again.

Prediction for Franco-Moloney 3

I believe this will be a great fight between both of these men. Each fighter has a chip and their shoulder because of the previous outcomes and right now they don’t like each other very much. They have the headline eyes will be on them and this year the lower weights have given boxing the best fights and I believe that follows suit here. My official prediction here is going to be with josh Franco. I think the first fight showed so much for both of them and Franco impressed, and I think he fights the same here. I will go with a 12-round decision and the end to the trilogy for both.