Exclusive interview with Francis Ngannou’s agent; Marquel Martin

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Photo Credit: Cageside Press, UFC

In this episode, the ladies are trying to keep warm from the frigid outside temperature and the upcoming Vegas Snow Storm! And one way to keep things warm is to talk the sizzling hot hands of Francis Ngannou with CAA Combat sports Agent Marquel Martin.

Not only do we talk the UFC Phoenix fight that left Cain Velasquez KO’d after 26 seconds but also how Marquel got his start in the Combat Sports agent field.  Along with his starts with the UFC and his ties to Las Vegas and UNLV Rebel Football. Oh, and if you recognize him, its probably from a “small” realty show called The Bachelorette.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLhSyVUBGBk]

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