ESJ/DSG Intial Presser Notes

Jamil Brown

Errol Spence Vs Danny “Swift Garcia

IBF/WBC Welterweight Title(147)


Spence:I want a challenge that’s why I chose this fight because it will rest me to see exactly where my skills are at

Spence:I feel like Danny was the best fighter for me after the accident. I love the way Danny pops thinks they will dictate the pace. I am motivated more due to this. I have nothing but knockouts and shutouts in Dallas so I feel very confident going into this fight.

Spence:1st time I sparred It felt weird. By the 3rd session I was comfortable again. I feel very sharp and I feel very good going into this fight.

Spence: I feel I can dig down deep to a place Danny has never been.

Spence. Danny is a good counter puncher.

DSG:”Feeling 110% going into this fight and I’m ready to take those 2 belts from Spence”

DSG:I’ve Been the underdog my whole career. I have to be Danny Garcia just be myself and dig deep to get the win.

DSG:”This fight give me motivation to train harder and have great nutrition. I saw some flaws from his last 2 fights and I know can take advantage of this”

DSG:My job is to fight! Not worry about the judges. The judges aren’t on my mind that’s a distraction. I am mentally focused for this fight. Judges aren’t a concern.

DSG:I feel like I’m a great fighter. I believe when I’m focused I am a very dangerous man”

DSG: I feel I do everything great. I can box, bang or brawl I’m more then ready for this fight.

Angel Garcia: “We are gonna dictate the fight and we will not using the same game plan as Mikey Garcia. This is Philly-Dallas rivalry we plan to sit on their helmet” We are not gonna put this fight in the judges hands. We chose to fight him in Dallas. We are going with World Judges to make it fair. We will respond to whatever they bring,Danny isn’t an opponent .”

Angel Garcia:We are not looking at the accident he had been cleared to fight this isn’t a way of thinking we have an advantage. We chose Dallas so we could have fans. This fight deserves to have fans. We are going to Dallas and Danny is gonna win this fight.