Dwight Powell Declines Player Option

Dwight Powell

Dwight Powell declines a $10.2 million player option so what’s next? The Mavs forward has spent the last 5 years in Dallas’ mostly as the starting forward. This dynamic athlete will have tons of offers as an unrestricted free agent.

Powell can resign with the Mavs for a lesser hit to their cap space. This could be a strategic move by the Mavs to have more money to offer this special group of free agents. Landing first or second tier free agent for the Mavs but every penny could help them in their venture.
In a more likely event, this move could be used to restructure Powell’s contract. Going this route could reserve a Dallas fan favorite to a long-term deal. Now 5 years into his career he’s not only one of a few high-end veteran players. There’s no secret that coaches and team management alike want him on this roster going forward.
GM Donnie Nelson told the media “Dwight is a Maverick” when asked about his future with the team. In Powell’s own exit interview he was quoted saying “I want to stay here. That’s my goal.”
Dwight Powell is coming off a career year in scoring and shooting efficiency on the brink of entering his prime. The Mavericks have a no brainer on their hands hopefully they land him before another team can tempt him.

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