Drake Performs at Tacoma Dome


Seattle, WA- Drake was the first big headliner that performed at the Tacoma Dome since it has been renovated. It was said that 19,000 fans had attended the concert, which was a good standout for the city of Tacoma. The city had added more seats and more space so they could increase more attendants and people that attended events could feel more comfortable.

Going into the show, it was announced that the Migos were not going to perform nor made the trip to Tacoma, WA because of a family emergency. However, Roy Woods, who is signed to Drakes’ label put on a show. He engaged with the fans, song a little bit, and got the crowd excited. His energy was what the crowd needed because a lot of fans were disappointed that the Migos were not performing.

After Woods performed, Drake came out and had the fans in a frenzy He performed songs from his albums like “So Far Gone, Nothing was the Same, What A Time to Be Alive, More Life, Views, and Scorpion.

Drake took the entire crowd back into 2011 when he first started to get a lot of attention to how his success turned him into the man that he is today. “The journey was a wild one, but I stuck it out, ” Drake told fans. “Tacoma gives me so much love when I perform here, it is crazy. Nobody does it like how people and Washington does it. That is why I love performing here.”

Drake’s visuals were very creative, he brought out the floating Lamborghini, had different themes to go with different songs, and actually brought a fan on stage to win some money.

After Drake performed he thanked everyone who came out and supported his career from the start to now. ” I am very thankful for everyone who came out and showed support. It means a lot to me.”