Down goes Anthony Joshua


New York-  The British boxer Anthony Joshua was shocked after Andy Ruiz Jr. dropped him four times in the fight, as well as losing his heavyweight belt.

The upset has a lot of people saying this stunning win by Ruiz is up there with the Mike Tyson and Buster Davis fight as one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight history. Joshua did not look like himself; he was taking a lot of punishment from the jabs and hooks that Ruiz was throwing. He could not counter back, because Ruiz would not give him any room to breathe, which made it difficult for Joshua to get his left hook working, as well as land some clean body shots.

Ruiz pushed the pace of the fight and had Joshua on the ropes. In the third and seventh round, he hit Jousha with some power shots that dropped Joshua on the canvas twice in both of those rounds.

“I got beaten by a good fighter,” said Joshua. “It will be interesting to see how far he goes, but this is all part of the journey.”He’s a champion, for now, I shall return.” Jousha has stated that he is not going to dwell on the loss, but try to figure out the adjustments that need to be made and make them. “We wanted to create a night that people would remember for a long time,” said Mr. Hearn, his promoter. “Unfortunately, they’ll remember it for the shock defeat.”

“Rather than trying to block out the fact there’s other competition out there, I keep my eyes on the prize said, “Ruiz.

After the fight was over, Deontay Wilder chimed in on the outcome and this is what he had to say about Joshua. He wasn’t a true champion. His whole career consisted of lies, contradictions, and gifts. Facts and now we know who was running from who.”

With the consistent jawing of Wilder and Joshua before the fight, after this fight will fans ever get to see the Super fight of the century between Wilder and Joshua. Joshua dropped the ball on this one and now he has to take a step back and figure out a different method to beat Ruiz in a rematch.