Doc Rivers named Western Conference coach of the month


Los Angeles (December 3, 2018)- Doc Rivers has earned himself coach of the month for the Western Conference

Rivers has his team in second place in the western conference with a 15-6 record. After Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and other players who were traded, the Clippers needed to find other ways to generate offense. The team that they have now are very young and talented.

The key players that have taken the league by storm are Boban Marjanovic, Lou Williams, and Shai Alexander. They have brought a lot of excitement back into the stands and Clippers’ fans are loving it.

The factor the makes Rivers an outstanding coach is because he cares for his players. He treats them like his kids and he wants the best for them. In a segment that he did with the Undefeated, he explains why he loves coaching and being an inspiration for others. “We have a lot of black players without father and to me, that’s a story that needs to be talked about because it’s difficult for the black coach sometimes. The black male figures in a lot of these guys’ lives have burned them. So, being coached by us, some people think it’s easier when actually it’s harder.”

“It can be very difficult for them, and you have to really gain their trust. The one thing with players is they will give you their trust, but if you don’t start them anymore, you have broken it somehow. You just have to live with that. That’s not really breaking their trust, that is you doing what is best for the team. That is the tough part for me. Players want to all be great. It’s your job to try to tell them they can be really good. Sometimes, you can make a career.”

Rivers is showing us that he still has the juice of success even without a headling name on the team. They are very active on both sides of the floor and have been shooting around 40% from the three-point line. It is very early in the season, but if they can stay consistent in a couple of months, this team could be the team to beat.