Do The Vega Week 9: Midway Through The Season

Brett Vega
Oakland Raiders fumble Las vegas Raiders Report
Oakland Raiders’ Jalen Richard (30) fumbles a punt return during the second half of an NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017, in Orchard Park, N.J. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.  


The J-E-T-S while staying competitive are still in the discussion for the first pick next year. Their home games are against the Bills, Panthers, Chiefs and Chargers, and their road games are at Tampa Bay, Denver, New Orleans and New England. Not saying they’ll lose out, but is it crazy to imagine? The Dolphins decided to break up with Jay Ajayi officially stating to the world that they have quit. The Bills dominated on Sunday and then signed a real wide receiver on Tuesday. And the Pats are one of the few teams  (Green Bay, Dallas, Philly, Pittsburgh, L.A. Rams, Seattle) that don’t need quarterback depth. If Tom Brady goes down their season is over, so Garopollo wasn’t as big a deal to them as it was to San Francisco.

Buck Allen Baltimore Ravens

Ravens RB Buck Allen is good but is he that good?


Cincy has won three-of-four and moving up. Moving right on up. To the 18th pick in the draft and missing the playoffs. The Ravens still look offensively lost. Collins and Buck Allen can’t do that every game. The defense is Super Bowl caliber but I don’t see a repeat of the 2000 Trent Dilfer run in the cards for these Ravens however. The Browns had a lead at halftime. YAY! They also tried to trade for McCarron five minutes before the deadline and celebrated for six minutes. Which cost them the deal getting done in time. Go Cleveland!!  The Steelers are getting better each week which is scary for everyone else in the league.


The Texans look like they should be the 3-seed but they just can’t avoid last second comebacks against great quarterbacks. Two of their four losses are by a great comeback from Brady and Russell Wilson. The other two they got their asses handed to them. Judging from the two teams ahead of them, Tennessee is not a good team, and Jacksonville (Tom Coughlin has them heading in the right direction) can not keep winning with smoke and mirrors, I’m still expecting them to win this division. The Colts, on the other hand, are trying to make the Browns feel positive about ineptitude.


The Broncos are really bad offensively. The Chargers lost to the Pats but let’s not stick a fork in ’em just yet. We’ll see if they can get back to the winning track they were on after the bye week. The Broncos are really really bad offensively. The Chiefs have something wrong and I can’t quite figure out what it is yet. They aren’t as good defensively as they should be and they have no excuse for not beating the Broncos by 20+ on Monday. By the way,  the Broncos are really really bad offensively. The Oakland (not quite #VEGASSTRONG yet) Raiders are a total mess. But you should still keep reading this site. And one last thing: the Broncos are really bad offensively.

Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys hurt themselves in appealing Elliot’s suspension when they did.


Ezekiel Elliott might finally have to serve the six games. Making him and Jerry Jones look like idiots for fighting the suspension in the first place. Had they just let it go, he’d be back two weeks already and they’d have him for the playoff push. Now he can’t come back until week 15, which means they play all three teams in their division once and the other three games are against the Chiefs, Chargers, and Falcons. But hey, at least they showed they don’t take getting pushed around without a fight. (Kind of like the girl Zeke allegedly beat up for three days, or the guy who’s nose he broke, or the girl who’s top he pulled down didn’t fight back). On second thought, Jerry and Zeke deserve this. Dak Prescott and the rest of the Cowboys don’t. Washington has too many injuries. They are done. The Giants are in that first place race with the other dumpster fires of the league for the worst team race. And the Eagles are ridiculous. They might want to practice losing a few games though or at least going through some adversity because after the playoff bye week a team might steamroll them.


Detroit looks lost. They are down to practice squad guys on the O-line and no amount of Matthew Stafford magic can fix this. I don’t need to see this week’s Green Bay game to tell you they are a bad team. Da Bears reverted back to their early season road troubles even though Ingram tried his best to give the game away. And the Vikes beat Cleveland. Other than Tennessee I can’t think of a more fraudulent first place team. They might still win this division just because the rest of it can’t catch a break. All the pieces are in place for Atlanta, Dallas, Rams, or Seattle to to come into Minnesota in the Wild Card round and beat the breaks off this team.

Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson: S-T-U-D (Martinez/Getty Images)


WHEW! Is exactly what Shawn Payton and Drew Brees were thinking after that game. But they held on to first place. Kelvin Fatjamin wasn’t the problem with Carolina and moving on from him will not fix this Jekyll and Hyde season. Atlanta might find a way to turn the corner and make a playoff run based on talent alone despite horrible coaching. Tampa Bay might be hoping for another hurricane so they can have another week or two off.


Damn that game was amazing! Seattle pulling that out shows how much moxy Wilson really has. Getting Duane Brown makes them even scarier (Wilson has been this good without anyone to protect his blindside for years). The Rams aren’t going anywhere however. The 49ers and Cardinals are going somewhere – home after week 17.