Do The Vega Week 8: Giants Continue To Stink Like New Jersey

Brett Vega
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Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.  


Miami Dolphins Matt Moore Jay Cutler Las Vegas Raiders Report

Jay who? Matt Moore takes over for Jay Cutler in Miami.

Bill Belichick strikes again. I’m not sold that the defense is completely fixed just yet but two consecutive outings of stellar play on that side of the ball have the Pats back in the driver’s seat to the Super Bowl. The Bills aren’t going away anytime soon. They are a team built to make a playoff run as long as they can stay healthy. The Jets continue to find inventive and innovative ways to suck. And the Miami Dolphins might be able to make some noise now that the inevitable Jay Cutler injury came. Keeping Matt Moore upright for the rest of the season is imperative to a wildcard run.


Not a good start to a rough stretch of competition for the Cincinnati Bengals. Bad coaching, bad QB play, and completely abandoning the run game in the second half is not a good look for a team that had some momentum coming in. The Ravens look like they need a reset. Coach, quarterback, and O-line. That defense is going to be top notch for at least the next four years. The Browns are a dumpster fire. The Steelers are and should be the only team in this division to make the playoffs.


Wow this division is awful. The Colts should just sit Andrew Luck until next year, and then get what they can in a trade for Brissett. The Titans are the worst four-win team in the league. The Jags keep winning every other week but none of those wins are believable. The Houston Texans are the class of the division here. And they still don’t have a signature win.


Have the San Diego Carson Inglewood Los Angeles Chargers won three in a row? Have the Chiefs lost two in a row? Are the Broncos really this bad? Are the future Las Vegas/Oakland Raiders back in contention? Almost halfway through the season and way more questions than answers.


Jason Peters Philadelphia Eagles Las Vegas Raiders Report

The loss of Jason Peters doesn’t bode well for the hot Eagles.

I’m not going to crown Carson Wentz just yet. I’ve been saying all year that the Eagles are the best team in this division but they will lose in the second round of the playoffs and I’m sticking to it. Losing Jason Peters is absolutely brutal. The Giants are the worst team in the NFC. The 49ers actually try on Sundays. The Redskins need to pay Kirk Cousins. He was the only bright spot for them again. They will be in the wildcard hunt but they are a few more injuries away from irrelevance. And Dallas looked good again against a bad team. That’s not anything to write home about. It will be fun watching the wildcard race this year though.


Everyone but the team on bye and the team that lost Aaron Rodgers got a win. The Vikings could be that team that just backs into the playoffs on sheer luck and a good defense to be routed by a real team in the first round. Maybe it’s karma for killing all those poor birds? Da Bears team is very reminiscent of John Fox’s Denver team with Tim Tebow. The Packers are done diddily un neighborino. And the Lions didn’t play so we didn’t get their usual amazing comeback or their other usual “let’s invent a new way to lose.”

Tim Tebow John Fox Chicago Bears Las Vegas Raiders Report

Yes, a Tim Tebow reference as part of Do The Vega this week.


UGGHHH…… I feel bad having to talk about this division so I’ll try to get this over quickly. For everyone’s sake I hope the Saints take control of this division. They are at least entertaining. The Falcons should consider talking Steve Sarkisian off the wagon and handing him a bottle of Jack Daniels. At least when he was drunk all the time his offenses scored points. The Panthers are exactly what I thought they were, not good. And Tampa Bay can almost play a full game against a really good team and still find a way to lose. How about their most consistent “hands” receiver fumbling on their own 25….Yikes.


Oh and seven. Zero wins. The Niners and Browns are tied for the first draft pick right now. The Rams started a brutal stretch with a win. Moving them back into first for now. Seattle is looking strong again as usual by mid-season. The Arizona Cardinals might have lost a QB and gained an identity. That identity is that they are absolutely terrible.