Do The Vega: NFL Week 6 – Wentz and Eagles for Real

Brett Vega
Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles Las Vegas Raiders Report
Wentz and the Eagles have now scored 20 points in 10 straight games.

Each week our own Brett Vega takes his sarcastic – and sometimes controversial – look around the NFL.  

Welcome to our weekly look around the NFL…Here’s a look around the league for Week 6:


Chris Foerster Miami Dolphins Las Vegas Raiders Report Brett Vega

Not the highlight of the week Miami wanted.

The Patriots are only a Nick Folk away from losing that game on Thursday. Their defense is still bad and now Tom Brady is nursing an injury in his non-throwing shoulder. The Bills actually have a shot to win this division. The Jets are the most fraudulent 3-2 team in NFL history. And the Dolphins found a way to make a win feel like a loss and a coach look like an idiot. If I was compiling a list of people I would trust enough to send a video of me snorting cocaine, I’d say Las Vegas stripper is the last name on that list.


Anyone remember when I said it’s not good if your QB is talking retirement before the season? Yeah…..the Steelers have problems. Nothing that a few wins a row won’t fix though. The Ravens hopefully got the shot in the arm they needed but I’ll reserve judgement until they play a real team. The Bengals, even with how bad Andy Dalton played, managed a win over a good team. YAY! And I was fooled by the Browns again. Looking at their roster and believing the hype on paper. I apologize for anything positive I said this year about this team.


The Texans are still the best team and will be a tough out in the playoffs for whoever they get to play at home. The Titans are mediocre with or without Marcus Mariota. The Colts are 3-4 years from being relevant again. And Jacksonville got a great defensive effort and a win. Still saying 6 wins max.

Alex Smith Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Derek Carr

Smith, not Derek Carr, is early season MVP candidate.


The division battle between Denver and KC is going to be great to watch. I’m gonna say they go 1-1 and the rest of their division wins will decide who gets a home game and who goes on the road in the playoffs. The Raiders are going to rush Carr back and get him seriously injured. And the Chargers finally got a win.


Dallas needs to consider letting Zeke and Dak play defensive back. They couldn’t stop me from coming back on them at the end of a game. The Giants should ask the NFL office if they can claim a mercy rule for the rest of the season and come back with the #1 pick next year. The Redskins will be in the playoff discussion all year. Really scrappy squad. And FLY EAGLES FLY!!! Great win on Thursday night.


Aaron Rodgers should have a church dedicated in his honor where people can just go and watch him play QB when they are feeling depressed. The Lions still can’t beat a team that is above .500 and that could let another team jump them in the wildcard standings. Minnesota beat a rookie QB and bad coaching staff. They are going nowhere. The Bears have tons of offensive talent and that gives them hope for a few years from now.

Adrian Peterson Arizona Cardinals NFL Traders Las Vegas Raiders Report

Adrian Peterson takes his legs to Arizona.


Don’t believe the hype. The Panthers defense is becoming  a legit unit but that offense isn’t half as good as they’ve looked the last two weeks. You saw this last night against Philly. They might finish 1-3 in their next 4 games which ends at Atlanta. Speaking of Atlanta they have a minimum of seven wins remaining in their schedule. The Saints are going to make me hop back on the bandwagon if they win this week. And Tampa Bay needs a lot more than kicking help to be a threat to anyone.


The 49ers are still trying to win. And that is a good sign for the future. Maybe a QB and a minor o-line overhaul will get these guys back in contention within the next three years. The Arizona Cardinals traded for a running back who couldn’t get yards behind a bad o-line so they could put him behind an even worse o-line in Adrian Peterson. Great move. The Seahawks showed the Rams who is the big boy in this division. I can’t see the Rams winning in Seattle so they are most likely going to be in the wild card battle.